On a journey with our electric, gas and water utility partners to supply the smart infrastructure solutions to advance the function and value of their distribution networks

The market, technology and regulatory complexities facing electric, gas and water utilities are accelerating the pressure and pace of change for the industry.  At Aclara, we help utilities manage change, seek new approaches, and harness data and new technologies to supply more efficient and reliable services to their customers. As an end-to-end, smart infrastructure solutions (SIS) partner we couple innovative technology with data-driven solutions to predict, plan and respond to system conditions across electric, gas or water distribution networks.

We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions comprised of meters and edge devices, advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), headend and consumer engagement software, installation services and provision of labor with a single point of accountability to utilities.

At Aclara, we are 1,700 people working with more than 1,000 gas, water, and electric utilities worldwide. We partner with our customers to provide robust and secure communications systems and expand situational awareness on their distribution networks that extend beyond AMI. We give our customers actionable insight with real-time visibility of their distribution networks to optimize operations and engage with their consumers to promote energy efficiency and conservation.

We’re on a path with our customers to navigate the difficult and uncertain road ahead, providing them with the right intelligence, solutions, and confidence on their journey. Our promise is to walk with them on the same path, recommending and executing on the best solutions as they move their organizations forward.


Join us on this journey, learn how our smart infrastructure solutions are helping utilities deal with today and tomorrow’s complex challenges.


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