Earning trust takes time, consistency and quality. And after more than 44 years of partnering with utility companies across the globe to implement our Smart Infrastructure Solutions (SIS), some of our customers have stories to share about how SIS has changed their business operations and customer service.

Aclara’s 800 energy and utility customers across the globe turn to us to solve complex challenges from making the power grid smarter, to delivering clear water, to empowering their customers to conserve energy.

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Ben Godfrey

Leveraging proven technologies such as Aclara’s Grid Monitoring Platform allows us to improve our real-time visibility of the distribution grid for the first time…and enable the transition to a low-carbon future.

Ron Kirker

This type of technology provides immediate, real-time data capable of alerting network operators to potential problems on the network. It enables utilities, such as NV Energy, to stay one step ahead by being able to predict outages and locate major faults before they even occur. As a result, we were able to improve customer reliability.

Josh Wedding

You’ve got somebody on every end, from technical support to product management, to a program manager that’s there and actually willing to help you. And if they can’t help you, they’ll get you to somebody that can. For me, that’s huge.

Warren Liebold

The fact that the DCU design was aimed at almost all MTUs being heard by at least two DCUs resulted in a resilient system that helped us weather the storm.