Combo Utility Solutions

Harnesses the cost and efficiency of a single AMI communications network and unified software solution across any combination of electric, gas or water distribution services.

Unique Challenges Require Integrated Solutions

Utilities providing a combination of gas, water and electricity face special challenges, but benefit from economy-of-scale benefits in serving their customers. They have multiple touch points with their customers, can build integrated service and response systems and can create operational efficiencies.

Yet all these benefits rely on maintaining an integrated, smart and responsive set of monitoring and communications networks to collect data from sometimes disparate distribution and service systems.


Aclara smart infrastructure solutions give combination utilities and unified approach to monitoring and managing diverse distribution networks:


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Employ a full suite of software, data management, and workflow planning tools for AMI deployments with Aclara’s ProField suite of integrated EPR tools for Smart Grid planning, meter deployment management, and post-rollout operations.


Unlock, analyze and apply critical metering data with Aclara’s iiDEAS® software platform with a single, customizable interface for utility personnel. Manage your distribution infrastructure, integrate key business processes, optimize operations and improve reliability.


Reliably collect, store and analyze vital meter data across from your network with Aclara’s STAR® NCC head-end software.


Aclara RF communications networks offer water and gas utilities superior performance and expandability, featuring reliable, flexible, two-way communications for utilities on licensed 450 MHz – 470 MHz frequencies. The system integrates with most water and gas meter platforms, allowing customers to use existing meter infrastructure or to upgrade to new meters without compatibility concerns.


The Synergize RF Communications Network provides gas, electric and water utilities with a communications network with optimum performance and reliable and two-way communications. The network employs licensed 450-470-MHz radio frequencies for all inbound and outbound communications between data collectors and endpoints.

The communications network integrates with many types of gas, electric and water meters, often allowing customers to use existing meter infrastructure and permits for upgrades to new meters with full compatibility.


Aclara links insightful consumer market research with proven social science theories to customize meaningful behavioral efficiency programs that drives customer consumption awareness and conservation.


Empower your customers to build their own self-service experience with Aclara’s customer self-service applications – from billing and rate comparisons to usage awareness and conservation campaigns.


Match consumer expectations and requirements with actionable demand response campaigns with Aclara’s Adaptive Consumer Engagement (ACE®) platform.