Combo Utility Solutions

Harnesses the cost and efficiency of a single AMI communications network and unified software solution across any combination of electric, gas or water distribution services.

Unique Challenges Require Integrated Solutions

Utilities providing a combination of gas, water and electricity face special challenges, but benefit from economy-of-scale benefits in serving their customers. They have multiple touch points with their customers, can build integrated service and response systems and can create operational efficiencies.

Yet all these benefits rely on maintaining an integrated, smart and responsive set of monitoring and communications networks to collect data from sometimes disparate distribution and service systems.


Aclara smart infrastructure solutions give combination utilities and unified approach to monitoring and managing diverse distribution networks:


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From substations to customer billing meters, the AclaraONE™ (One Network for Everyone) platform provides utility operations and planning personnel with insights and confidence to safely monitor, manage, and control distribution grid assets in the most challenging of circumstances. AclaraONE leverages our advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) networks to provide communications and visibility to all your electric distribution devices including capacitor banks, reclosers, voltage regulators, customer meters, and other intelligent electronic devices.

With AclaraONE, centralized data management of electric, water, and gas devices couples with advanced analytics to deliver actionable information to improve reliability, increase revenue performance, reduce operating cost, meet renewable objectives, while enhancing safety and consumer satisfaction.

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Aclara sensors and analytics let you monitor your water and gas distribution networks, improve your daily operations, and provide your customers with relevant, actionable information about their usage. Providing real-time insights into your resource distribution networks, our sensors and analytics alert you to events that affect your operations and allow you to respond quickly to potential problems before they turn into expensive failures.


Get complete insight into your advanced metering infrastructure network’s billed consumption with the high-performance AclaraONE platform. The reliable meter data management (MDM) component underlying AclaraONE provides accurate data to the utility billing system through a comprehensive set of industry-standard interfaces that connect securely to utility back-office and distribution operations.

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Our network management engages effectively and securely with business systems for billing, customer service, outage management, load management, and distribution engineering. The solution provides a comprehensive suite of interoperable, industry-standard integration adaptors, as well as standard and customizable file-based options.