Smart Infrastructure Solutions

Building a Smart Integrated Infrastructure

Aclara’s Smart Infrastructure Solutions (SIS) elevate current automated metering infrastructure (AMI) technologies to a far more advanced and encompassing approach to managing distribution systems for electric, water and gas networks.

SIS integrates a range of hardware, software and data technologies from grid edge devices, sensors, intelligent software and communications to collect and process data that delivers actionable insights to make distribution systems more efficient, responsive, resilient and reliable.

The versatility of Aclara’s SIS allows utilities to move beyond legacy systems with a more real-time, model-based approach to provide greater network visibility, manageability and actionable information for utilities and their customers.

Gas Utilities

Smart system and tools for your gas distribution network

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Water Utilities

Clarity and command over your municipal water system

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Electric Utilities

Leveraging the power – and investment – of your AMI system

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Combo Utilities

Custom solutions for any challenge – every need

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