Respond in real-time to the “when” and “where” of any outage on your electric distribution network with Aclara’s Fault Detection and Localization Value Added Module (VAM). Aclara’s Software as a Service automatically displays outages, identifies fault locations, and verifies restoration in record time.  Fault Detection leverages unused capacity of your Aclara AMI system to automatically and continually monitor both your AMI and electric distribution system.  Using patent pending algorithms it strategically pings meters every 7 seconds and correlating your distribution connectivity reports with certainty 100% of consumer outages and identifies the location of any fault.  No customer is left without power as it also automatically verifies each individual is restored.  With its real-time MultiSpeak interfaces works with your OMS to automatically manage path switching and provide faster more accurate information to dispatch.

Improve reliability

  • Automatic outage detection in less than 190 seconds (improve CAIDI, SAIFI)
  • System performance monitoring and diagnostics

Reduce cost

  • Accurately dispatching crews to the right location
  • Restoration verification in less than 90 seconds eliminated unknown “nested outages”
  • Automate outage detection and restoration verification processes
  • SaaS minimizes training and IT

Increase customer satisfaction

  • Faster restoration
  • Monitor vacation and remote sites

Enhance safety

  • Reduced patrolling
  • Speed time to isolation