Aclara’s AMI Device Management (ADM) system provides total asset visibility and powerful management tools to map every asset across every stage of a device’s lifecycle. It gives utilities complete asset management control from purchasing, through deployment and operations to final decommissioning.

Manage inventory and track device associations

Aclara’s ADM captures metering device events in the meter shop, at district locations or in the field. Users can add and track newly purchased devices, manage location assignment and device association for efficient downstream handling. ADM facilitates device stock requests and the fulfillment of stock requisitions from inventory. Metering devices are also tracked as they are transferred from one location to another throughout the life cycle of the device.

Document Inspection, Service and Repair

ADM records the visual inspection, service and repair of meters, transformers and other devices and records the results in a central database.

Comprehensive Device Testing

ADM supports the device testing process from sample selection to reporting. It streamlines meter shop processes by leveraging testing applications that are pre-integrated with leading test equipment, enabling quick test configuration and direct collection of test results after the completion of a test.

Population Management

ADM also allows for statistical sampling of new and in-service devices including sample selection, sample reporting and sample acceptance or rejection. This helps the utility evaluate shipments of new metering devices or the performance of in-service metering devices to verify accuracy for regulatory compliance.