The Aclara ACE® platform provides utilities and their customers data-driven tools that poise consumer engagement programs for success. Aclara ACE enables utilities to provide their customers with personalized and actionable solutions that heighten energy cost awareness, promote energy and water efficiency, boost utility program enrollment, and increase customer satisfaction scores, ultimately positioning you for success with exceeding program goals, meeting customer needs, and maximizing your program impact.

Whether you’re looking to deploy a behavioral program, showcase AMI data, inform users with advanced load disaggregation models, or leverage alerts to keep your customers engaged, Aclara ACE® creates a personal and empowering experience for your customers so they can understand and take ownership of their energy and water costs.

  • No longer do the details of your programs need to be hidden in the depths of your website. Surface and promote the program details of your choice, right where your customer needs them, through ACE’s ® Insight API design.
  • Aclara ACE is built with a mobile-first responsive user interface, enabling your consumer engagement offerings to have the flexibility to be rendered across PC, mobile phone, and tablets, providing a cohesive user experience, regardless of the user’s device.
  • Aclara’s insights engine provides each user with data-driven, personal cost-saving recommendations that are prominently displayed for the users to take notice, drastically reducing the amount of effort finding and understanding how they can control their utility costs, changes to their utility bill, and subsequently reducing the need to call utility representatives with questions.
  • Aclara ACE® delivers the right message at the right time, and through the customer’s preferred communications channel. Insightful analytics are pushed to a customer through email or mobile alerts messaging and thus driving engagement.
  • Choose to engage your customers through ACE’s integrated online experience or through paper behavioral programs. Our multi-channel outreach technology creates meaningful customer engagement campaigns with personalized analytics.
  • Aclara’s integrated Customer Support Representative (CSR) interface provides utility personnel with the right tools to answer customer questions by showing them the exact same information your customer sees.