Aclara’s SGM1100TM Smart Energy Meter supports a wide range from basic and energy-only metering to comprehensive smart metering capabilities. The SGM1100 links advanced energy management and power-quality monitoring for higher productivity, improved efficiency and reduced energy costs throughout its energy distribution chain.

Based on the standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC®), the SGM1100 meter is designed for residential and small commercial energy consumers.

  • Enable improved energy efficiency from the utility to the customer
  • Integrated PRIME PLC modem to provide reliable and interoperable communications with PRIME-compliant data concentrators
  • Easy and quick installations in difficult environments
  • Dual pole relay to disconnect both phase and neutral from the power supply for increased safety during installation and service
  • Remotely upgradable firmware and meter configuration via PLC communications to reduce on-site service and maintenance visits
  • Enhanced anti-tampering features to detect fraud
  • Optical communications port for enabling local configuration, firmware updates, and diagnostics

Aclara’s SGM1100 Smart Energy Meter delivers Smart Grid capabilities for today and long into the future. Designed to power Smart Grid applications, the SGM1100 fulfills requirements for remote management of customers’ meters and safeguards critical billing activities.

Power Quality

The SGM1100 smart meter measures and monitors quality parameters, such as active and reactive energy in each quadrant, voltage and intensity per phase, and registers different load curves according to its time period configuration.

Advanced Functionality

Critical functionality such as demand metering, time-of-use billing monitoring, multiple load profiles, multi-energy, over/ under voltage recording and main service disconnect relay are all standard features with the SGM1100 smart meter.

Future-Proof Communications

The SGM1100 smart meter supports PLC AMI communications based on the PRIME standard and DLMS/COSEM protocol. It offers a robust, reliable and accurate metering device interoperable with PRIME PLC-approved data concentrators. The meter also offers an optical port for secure local communications. It features a local optical communication port compliant with UNE-EN 62056-21 and UNE-EN 62056-46.

Simplified Configuration

Reducing configuration time and costs, the SGM1100, is easily configurable for different requirements and applications including customizable load profile, time of use, demand metering and alarms, power measurement, load curves and rate information per contract and remote or local firmware updates.


Designed to last 15 years in the field, the SGM1100 features revenue-grade accuracy Class A (active energy) & Class 3 (reactive energy), uses a 1 Lithium battery for more than 2 years of data retention, and has a 100A dual pole relay for safety and reliability.


The SGM1100 has built-in security with a sealable special functionality button, physical sealing of all external cover screws, three levels of password access and events and AMI notifications on security alerts.