Aclara’s SGM1300TM Smart Energy Meter features a robust platform for accurate billing, real-time information, and enhanced communications solutions.

The single phase and dual element SGM1300 smart meters offer support for residential and small commercial deployments. The SGM1300 features full two-way communications between the meter and utilities head end system, and implements a ZigBee home area Network (HAN) to communicate with for devices such as gas meters and consumer in-home displays.


  • Increased installations per day due to value-add information available on the custom designed LCD
  • Modular communications capability via an intimate communications hub for choice of HAN and wide area network (WAN) communications
  • ZigBee HAN supports dual-fuel meter installations (electricity and gas)
  • Extensive billing features and comprehensive event logging, with enhanced tamper-proofing for effective fraud detection
  • Optimized, compact footprint enables faster deployment when replacing existing legacy meters
  • Ideal for both domestic installations for consumer energy awareness and prepayment management, and small commercial settings needing on-time and accurate billing and real-time energy information for energy management systems

Aclara’s SGM1300 Smart Energy Meter for domestic and small-business properties, meets the European smart metering deployment goals for smart metering, reduced CO2 emissions and accurate, real-time and on-time consumer billing.

Flexible Communications

Equipped with two-way, real-time, secure communication, the SGM1300 supports ZigBee RF HAN for communication to GE’s gas meters and consumer IHDs. A GPRS WAN complements communications and is capable of scheduled and ad-hoc reads and alert data via DLMS COSEM to the head-end system. On-time, reliable and accurate billing information means consumers can use the information to actively manage consumption to help reduce bills.

Accurate Billing

The SMG1300 is approved to MID Class B, BS EN 50470-1 and -3, support active, reactive and apparent energy, including EN 62053-23, class 2 and 3. It offers a comprehensive tariff structure with 48 TOU rates and a 4×8 block tariff matrix, extensive power quality data, selectable storage duration of billing data (13 months + current; 5 Weeks + current; or 31 days) and has a 12 month load profile data storage capability.

Credit & Prepayment

This smart energy meter features meter balancing, emergency credit and balance with indication of low credit, time base debts and recovery rates, accumulated debt registers, UTRN top-ups (local and remote), and change of supplier/tenant applications.


Smart metering solutions need to be fully interoperable with a consumer’s home energy equipment. Aclara’s SGM1300’s Intimate Communications Hub provides flexibility in the choice of HAN/WAN communications for current and emerging communications technologies to ensure complete interoperability.

Extensive Feature Set

The standard meter SGM1300 Smart Energy Meter features integrated 100A switch for connect/disconnect of the consumer supply and optional 2A load control relay for control of ancillary devices such as night storage heating, and pumps. The SGM1300 can also be supplied in a duel-element form factor, supporting two integrated 100A load switches.

The meter complies with a comprehensive tariff developed in association with the UK SSWG standard and provides both standard time of day and block tariffs.

Storing 365 days of load profile data, the meter is capable of independent profiling of instrumentation values, typically line voltage, current, and frequency, enhanced power quality measurements, such as voltage sag/ swell, under/over voltage.

Comprehensive Connectivity

The SGM1300 Smart Energy Meter is a communication hub for other HAN-enabled devices, such as gas meters and household appliances, and provides real-time information about a consumer’s energy usage to IHDs, allowing consumers to make intelligent and cost-effective decisions about their energy consumption.


The SGM1100 has built-in security with a sealable special functionality button, physical sealing of all external cover screws, three levels of password access and events and AMI notifications on security alerts