Aclara’s sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) solution alerts utilities to any potential or actual sanitary sewer overflow, which can send contaminated water onto streets or into lakes, rivers or streams.

Aclara’s easy-to-deploy SSO solution places a water height sensor in the sanitary sewer, which then sends a signal to the utility, over an AMI network, when sewers rise to potential overflow levels. The SSO can detect clogged sewers in time to dispatch a service crew. During storms it triggers an alarm when sewers fill to unacceptable “surcharge” levels, signaling imminent overflow conditions.

  • Prevent the overflow of unsanitary water and protects the environment.
  • Avoid fines and costs related to consent decrees and government regulations.
  • Reduce costly clean-ups.
  • Collect information to schedule preventive service calls.
  • Protect the image and reputation of the utility from unwarranted consumer or regulatory complaints.