Aclara leads the industry in providing inductively powered MV Sensors with visibility into the distribution grid down to 3 amps. Aclara MV Sensors provide real-time data and alarms about grid conditions using outage and fault detection, configurable threshold alarms and real-time load and power quality monitoring that can be used for a wide variety of distribution network applications.


  • Flexible Communications to eliminate the costs and aggravations of communication backhaul challenges. Aclara’s MV Sensors with integrated wireless communications works with Wi-Fi or cellular for quick, safe and easy installation
  • Aclara’s MV Sensor options include:
    • MV Cellular Sensors: Integrated 3G cellular interfaces with multi-year bundled private cellular data service. No separate carrier contracts are required.
    • MV Wi-Fi Sensors:  Standards-based Wi-Fi communications to Aclara or third party nodes. Aclara’s aggregator devices provide integrated cellular interfaces or TCP/IP Ethernet interfaces to link with a broad range of wide area networks – WiMax, wireless mesh, fiber, and DSL.
  • Easy installation by clamping the MV Sensor directly onto overhead conductors.
  • Inductively powered and can store energy without a battery for maintenance free operation.
  • Real-time monitoring, even with difficult feeders and laterals, with operations down to 3 amps.
  • Key measurements include: load current, fault current, electric field strength, power factor, phase angle, sags, surges, wire temperature and harmonics, current (0-17,000 RMS amperes), voltage, conductor temperature,, nominal RMS current, fault and surge current, power quality (sags, swells, harmonics), phase angle power factors, and waveform capture.