Reliably and efficiently monitor and control your outdoor lighting using the Aclara Lighting Control. Your Aclara communications network will deliver luminaire alerts to your office and allow you to safely and efficiently disconnect and reconnect your outdoor lights. Easily supports your account status change with prepay/no pay accounts without truck rolls. Line crews are no longer needed to inspect a light or to connect/disconnect a lighting service. Through remote visibility, your customers are no longer your only way to update your luminaire status.

The Aclara lighting control also improves sunset/sunrise control by eliminating photocells, and it provides flexibility for scheduled off/on events.

  • Remote monitoring and control improve operations, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction for your lighting program – minimize truck rolls for luminaire maintenance, and field connect/disconnects
  • Leverages your existing Aclara communication network
  • Improve sunset/sunrise management and savings – no photocells
  • Easy deployment – no additional equipment needed to install