You know you’re losing water – and revenues – to faulty pipes. But where? Aclara RF ZoneScan Distribution Leak Detection solution is a fixed network correlated acoustic leak-detection system that precisely locates leaks across water distribution system — within 1-3 feet. Actively locate even the smallest and quietest leaks using daily remote correlation and monitoring to locate the source of water loss. With daily, real-time leak monitoring utilities can determine exactly when to schedule maintenance crews, and head off costly service disruptions.

Aclara RF ZoneScan pinpoints water loss within a distribution system, with clear value and benefits for both utilities and consumers.

  • Reclaim lost water revenue
  • Avoid high-cost catastrophic pipe failure
  • Extend infrastructure and treatment plant lifecycle costs
  • Conserve water and power
  • Meet consumer and regulatory service expectations

As a smart infrastructure solution, Aclara RF ZoneScan leverages the proven infrastructure used by Aclara RF AMI. Aclara RF ZoneScan can be implemented as a standalone fixed network solution or as a valuable add-on to Aclara RF AMI.


Using AMI with analytics to reduce apparent and real water loss