Respond with Real-Time Visibility

Gain visibility across your distribution network. Predict and respond problems before they disrupt service.

Aclara’s control systems and sensor technologies give utilities the real-time visibility to monitor and manage their distribution networks, monitor key water and gas distribution points, and predict and respond to conditions before small problems become major system and service interruptions.



Prevent hazardous sewer flooding with Aclara’s sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) water height sensor. Respond to imminent problems such as clogged sewers or rising storm “surcharge” levels to head off the cost and liability of released contaminated water.


Avoid costly catastrophic pipe failures and reclaim lost water revenue with Aclara RF ZoneScan Distribution Leak Detection sensor. Remotely monitor and manage leaks to reduce service interruptions.


Manage and monitor your security and streetlight fixtures with more efficiency through improved visibility. Use your Aclara AMI network to connect/disconnect your outdoor lights remotely and receive alerts on failed or malfunctioning luminaires. Improve your outdoor lighting operations and lower their maintenance costs while improving customer satisfaction.