You’re ready to deploy or upgrade your AMI or metering network. You’ve chosen the best meter and sensor technology, communications network and analytics software available. Now you’re tasked to put all these tools together smartly, efficiency and on-time and on-budget. The Aclara Smart Grid Solutions (SGS) field teams, along with Aclara’s integrated ProField  enterprise planning, workforce and asset management software, work together to manage every phase of your AMI deployment.


Partner with Aclara’s AMI consulting services and deployment team to build a comprehensive plan, evaluate the right assets and resources, tackle must-meet deadlines and help manage the people and process to make your AMI program a success.


Put Aclara’s years of AMI experience to work for you with a turnkey planning, project supervision and workforce management program.



Employ a full suite of software, data management, and workflow planning tools for AMI deployments with Aclara’s ProField suite of integrated EPR tools for Smart Grid planning, meter deployment management, and post-rollout operations.