The challenges faced today by utility professionals are wide-ranging and complex, including grid reliability and hardening, distributed energy resources, and a changing workforce. Aclara’s Enhanced Utilities Services (EUS) provide solutions to meet those challenges. Our offerings: Network Services and Consulting Services, deliver a variety of reporting, consulting, and on-site solutions. Utilities can leverage Aclara’s expertise in hardware, software and equipment to manage their evolving needs; helping to drive towards higher end goals.


Network Services enable Electric, Gas and/or Water utilities, on Aclara’s RF solution, to gain valuable insights into their network, ensure proper maintenance and reliable performance. There are various ownership models and bundled offerings to select from, depending on specific needs. From a system health report to a full-service, managed solution covering Network as a Service (NaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).


Aclara’s Consulting Services provide dedicated resources to help a utility optimize its AMI network, identify additional opportunities, and allocate resources strategically.

Network Performance Management: Aclara partners with the utility to help it get the most out of its AMI investment and expand the use of its communication network. Post contract and base installation support provide additional expertise after implementation identifying areas of opportunity and help transform data into meaningful insights.

Distribution Network Consulting: Designing a network, adding equipment to increase grid reliability and hardening, updating a SCADA/ADMS system to allow for higher end functionality are all resource intensive activities and can stretch thin even the most dedicated professionals. With the expertise of Aclara’s Utility Automation Business, one our Distribution Engineers will collaborate with a utility’s team to create objective, actionable and measurable solutions.