With 4G LTE capacity and speed, Aclara’s Metrum Cellular LTE is an IP-enabled solution that leverages existing infrastructure investments. It offers utilities a private, high-speed and secure communications networks while enabling them to do more on their networks like reconfiguring meters over the air. Metrum Cellular creates new efficiencies for Smart Grid applications such as AMI, outage management and restoration, Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR), and Volt/Var Optimization (VVO).

  • Flexible, easy deployment without installing an expensive and extensive network infrastructure.
  • Security – enables utilities to create flexible secure private networks.
  • Standards-based technology – Metrum enables TCP/IP connectivity to every end-point device
  • Multiple electric meter and modem options
  • Solutions for:
    • Commercial and Industrial Metering
    • Residential Metering
    • Distribution Automation
    • Solar Metering
  • Creates flexible customer relations management systems

Standards-based technology – Metrum enables TCP/IP connectivity to every end-point device

  • Standards-based technology
  • TCP/IP connectivity to every endpoint device
  • Supports full two-way near-real-time communications with the end-point with near real-time latency
  • Protocol and meter agnostic

Flexible, easy deployment without installing expensive and extensive network infrastructure

  • Easy-to-deploy
  • Plug-and-play deployment (no field configuration)
  • Over-the-air firmware upgrades for Metrum LTE modules and all connected devices

Secure – enables utilities to create flexible, secure private networks

  • Each device is provisioned with a private, static IP address not visible or routable from the public internet

Multiple Electric Meter and Gateway Options

  • Aclara Meters kV2cEPS
  • Elster A3
  • LTE Gateway

Commercial and Industrial Metering Solutions

  • Replaces higher cost, hard-wired landlines and older remote terminal units / POTS
  • Allows utilities reduce high energy costs and manage demand constraints
  • Reduces overhead and improves reliability for private network on public infrastructure
  • Delivers all meter data stored within meter
  • Delivers Full load profile from meter can be returned to utility
  • Delivers data as quickly as two seconds
  • Delivers data in time intervals as low as 5 seconds
  • Allows for seamless integration with existing MV90 program

Distribution Automation Solutions

  • Leverages existing Smart Grid investments provides utilities a private, high-speed network built on public infrastructure.
  • Make existing devices more effective with reliable and secure data transmissions to perform advanced applications that monitor and control distribution networks.
  • Metrum LTE modules plug into meters and devices out-of-the-box without any –additional configuration.
  • Use your existing SCADA system to capture instantaneous voltage or voltage logs in corresponding metrology devices for Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR).
  • Detect outages and pinpoint problems faster to efficiently deploy maintenance teams.
  • Pinpoint sources of theft and non-technical losses to prioritize areas of your network in need of optimizations and upgrade.
  • Remotely monitor transformers in real-time to predict and plan maintenance.

Solar Metering Solutions                    

  • Roof-top solar installations can be easily monitored and provide time of use data from data from the Aclara I-210+c. Regional or neighborhood solar installation monitoring solutions.

Flexible User Experience 

  • Aclara’s unique iiDEAS platform offers utility operations and customer service representatives a customizable interface to access the information they need.
  • The software reads meters and interfaces with smart-infrastructure devices that monitor and control utility distribution networks.
  • Includes validation, estimation and editing capability.
  • Extend software capabilities with task modules such as viewing data, meter exchange, demand response, fault detection, billing, consumer engagement, and line-loss, voltage, and transformer-load analysis.

Do I need to negotiate my own cellular service?

No, we have done that work for you. Aclara has built private networks with Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T and can offer our customers a private network utilizing cellular technology.

Can I use my existing billing software?

Yes, your existing MV-90 system is fully compatible with the Synergize Metrum Cellular.

Can I use my own cellular service?

Yes, and Aclara can provide SIMs for your network needs.

What is the bandwidth?

LTE specifications are set at 300 Mbps download speeds. In practice, most real life locations realize 20 Mbps.

Is the data brought back from the meter configurable?

The Metrum LTE modules can be configured to read any ANSI C12.19 Table element in time intervals as small as 5 seconds.

Does that mean I can bring back high-resolution voltage data for CVR and VVO programs?

Yes, absolutely.

Can I reprogram my meter over-the-air?

Yes, you can use the meter manufacturer’s software to change meter configurations or update the meter software.

Can I update the software?

Yes. All software in the meter, including the Metrum LTE module, and the meter are updatable over-the-air.

Do the electric meters have a “last gasp”?

The Metrum LTE modules support an advanced “recurring last gasp” message. Driven by an ultra-super capacitor, next generation RF electric communication modules will repeatedly send an “I am without power” message for up to one half hour or until restored.

What electric meters are supported?

The meters supported with under-glass solutions are Aclara kV2cEPS, and Elster A3 meters.

What field tools are needed for installation?

No field tools are required for installation. The Metrum LTE modules are self-discovering in the field.

How fast are on-demand reads?

Aclara recognizes that time is money in a call center and has architected the next generation RF network to return on-demand reads to the meter and back in less than 10 seconds.