Creating a single data collection point across any combination of gas, water or electric distribution network, Aclara’s Combo DCU (Data Collector Unit) allows multi-service utilities build powerful data links between any utility meter or sensor and a utility’s communications network. Operating as self-contained, battery-powered data hubs, Aclara’s Combo DCUs can be installed on municipal and utility building roofs, water towers, street lights or utility poles. Powered and recharged via a solar panel or AC line connection, Aclara’s Combo DCUs are typically installed in a half-to-one mile grid, with one DCU will supporting up to thousands of commercial and residential meters and sensors.

  • Redundant DCU Network Grid – The Aclara Combo DCU system uses a redundant network of spatial diversity of radio receivers so that, if one collector misses a transmission, a neighboring DCU will capture the data.
  • Endpoint/Collector Ratio – Each MTU (Meter Transmission Unit) typically transmits to at least two DCUs simultaneously to ensure continuous communications throughout the system.
  • Reading Collection and Data Retention – Aclara’s Combo DCUs have non-volatile data retention from 277,000 to 600,000 records, or about one month’s worth of data storage.
  • WAN Communications – The Combo DCU network can be configured to most IP-based networks or backhauls, such as cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and fiber optic, to help utilities leverage existing communications networks.