Aclara RF series 3300 Water meter transmission unit (MTU) delivers two-way communication and a time-synchronized network to give a utility a high definition view of water consumption across their distribution system. The series 3300 water MTU uses the efficient, low-power, high performance of Aclara RF  network technology to transmit hourly and interval usage data for advanced water distribution management.

  • Provides hourly, time-stamped reads with detailed information on water usage to pinpoint anomalies such as potential leaks and meter tampering.
  • Offers same-time clock synchronization across the network to reconcile the amount of water entering the system versus water consumed.
  • Supports up to 9-digit registers and delivers time-stamped reads on a time-synchronized network.
  • The system’s Network Control Computer (NCC) manages and searches MTU data, tracks MTU installations, configures system settings and user roles, and creates reports to monitor MTUs in logical groups or by individual accounts.
  • Operates over FCC-licensed radio frequencies.