The Aclara RF series 3000-meter transmission unit (MTU) for gas utilities sends highly accurate, time-synchronized meter data for a precise view of use and conditions across your distribution network. Hourly, time-stamped reads from Aclara’s Series 3000 MTU eliminates estimated billing and errors, improves revenue management and reduces customer service calls.

  • Hourly meter reading configuration with communication every 6 hours, or 4 times per day.
  • No missed reads – Each of four daily uploads includes the 12 most recent stored readings, usually 6 new readings and 6 previously repeated readings for double redundancy.
  • Transmits up to eight digits of meter reading data and offer a resolution of one pulse per revolution of the proving dial.
  • Sends signals if tampering is suspected and notifies operators of reverse flow conditions or unauthorized programming.

Aclara’s series 3000 Gas meter transmission unit (MTU) delivers two-way communication and a time-synchronized network that gives gas utilities a precise snapshot of their gas distribution network. The series 3000 gas MTU uses the efficient, low-power, high-performance Aclara RF Network technology to transmit hourly usage data.

Supports all Major Residential Gas Meters

Aclara supports all major residential gas meters with specifically-designed MTUs, offering utilities the flexibility to choose a solution best suited for their system. MTUs are designed to easily retrofit to existing meter installations.

Commercial Meters and Volume Correctors

Aclara designs its MTUs to tightly integrate with commercial devices and their unique capabilities. The Aclara RF series 3000 Gas MTU provides both corrected and uncorrected readings and supports major commercial meters as well as volume correctors and pulse input devices. Gas utilities can use hourly, time-stamped data from Series 3000 MTUs to facilitate revenue assurance and advanced distribution management.

Two-Way Fixed Network

The series 3000 MTU deployed on the high-performance Aclara RF Network system, transmits hourly interval data over FCC-licensed 450- to 470-MHz radio frequencies without disruptive interference.

The high-performance Aclara two-way network allows gas utilities to receive signals to initiate a synchronized read of all system MTUs to collect data and reconcile the gas volume entering the system with the billable consumed gas.

Extended Battery Life

The series 3000 MTU lithium-ion batteries are guaranteed for 20 years under standard operating conditions. Extended range and specially programmed MTUs may have shorter battery lives, depending on configuration.

MTU Specifications

Aclara’s series 3000 MTUs fit any utility requirement for residential or commercial meters, as well as volume correctors and pulse-input devices. MTUs may be remote- or direct-mounted. In addition to standard-range MTUs, Aclara provides an extended-range version when topology or obstructions pose challenges for transmitting radio frequencies.