Aclara RF communications networks offer water and gas utilities superior performance and expandability, featuring reliable, flexible, two-way communications for utilities on licensed 450 MHz – 470 MHz frequencies. The system integrates with most water and gas meter platforms, allowing customers to use existing meter infrastructure or to upgrade to new meters without compatibility concerns.

  • Access up-to-date data and analysis for overall system operations.
  • Licensed RF frequencies eliminate interferences from other devices and wireless services, providing the power to reach even remote devices.
  • Harness distribution analytics for water balancing and distribution versus consumption tracking.
  • Easily scale from a few hundred customers to thousands of thousands of water and gas accounts.
  • Monitor and maintain data security, and control end-to-end data management.
  • Use new meter data management (MDM) applications.
  • Use powerful analytics to gauge in-the-field meter status and performance
  • Provide timely and accurate usage information, eliminate estimated usage billing and reduce customer complaints.