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Aclara sensors and analytics let you monitor your water and gas distribution networks, improve your daily operations, and provide your customers with relevant, actionable information about their usage. Providing real-time insights into your resource distribution networks, our sensors and analytics alert you to events that affect your operations and allow you to respond quickly to potential problems before they turn into expensive failures.

Sensors and analytics from Aclara increase the business value of the AMI investment you’ve already made. AclaraONE analyzes network and sensor data and provides insight into how your gas and water distribution networks are operating. With intuitive dashboards, prioritized alerts and alarms, and proactive analytics, AclaraONE helps you to get ahead of developing problems and enables you to maximize operational efficiencies.

Real water losses

Real water losses on the distribution system are caused by leaks on water mains and at device connections or by tank overflows. Identifying these leaks early can help utilities conserve water and meet regulatory requirements. Collecting data from sensors or monitoring points located throughout the distribution system improves the efficacy of AMI solutions.

  • Collect time-synced acoustic data and correlate it at your office, providing visual identification of probable leak locations.
  • Use single sign-on to keep performance, battery life, network health, and other vital alerts and reports at your fingertips.

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Advanced Water Analytics

Transform your water distribution data into actionable intelligence.  Address non-revenue water loss, conservation and customer service challenges with Aclara’s suite of software and water analytics delivered by Valor. In partnership with Valor Water Analytics, Aclara offers water utilities new visibility into their distribution, meter, and billing applications and provides actionable recommendations to improve operational efficiency.

  • Eliminate theft and data handling errors, ensuring billing integrity.
  • Pinpoint meters that are incorrectly sized or not registering properly,
  • Effectively target consumers for individualized communications about customer programs.

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Sanitary Overflow

Aclara’s sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) solution alerts utilities to any potential or actual sanitary sewer overflow, which can send contaminated water onto streets or into lakes, rivers or streams. With AclaraONE and its SSO solution:

  • Employ user-configurable alert thresholds provide you with maximum operations flexibility.
  • Separate inflow and infiltration storm-water effects from normal waste-water data.
  • Prevent dry-weather overflows and monitor sewer performance during rainstorms using sanitary and combined-sewer level warnings.

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Pressure Monitoring

  • Actively monitor your distribution networks, collecting detailed, accurate and actionable data on water and gas pressures.
  • Trigger timely response to possible problems using email and SMS text alerts.
  • Troubleshoot faults quickly using trend mode, which sends pressure reads every six minutes in response to alarms.

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