Get complete insight into your advanced metering infrastructure network’s billed consumption with the high-performance AclaraONE platform. The reliable meter data management (MDM) component underlying AclaraONE provides accurate data to the utility billing system through a comprehensive set of industry-standard interfaces that connect securely to utility back-office and distribution operations.

The AclaraONE platform delivers meter-to-cash operations securely and accurately while providing proactive, actionable analytics for networks ranging in size from a few hundred meters to millions.

Billing Analytics

Deliver accurate bills and customer confidence. The AclaraONE MDM system supports end-to-end data validation, estimation, and editing (VEE), integrated reads, and billing determinant delivery.

  • All interval data, as well as consumption data, are validated through the VEE workflow engine.
  • Validation rules can be easily configured based on utility need.

CSR Portals and Tools

Increase customer satisfaction by giving customer service and network management employees the tools they need to deliver efficient service.

  • Put the software tools in the hands of your employees to identify customer issues proactively and resolve them effectively.
  • Seamlessly access to the platform’s primary components – network management, meter data management, and consumer engagement.

Consumption Analytics

Move beyond billing analytics and get a complete understanding of customer consumption using AclaraONE analytics, alerts, views, and reports.

Robust data management capabilities underpin AclaraONE and ensure effective network management and secure integration with critical utility business systems.

Meter Data Management

Easily handle gas, water, and electric commodity data – or any combination – through the AclaraONE MDM solution.

  • Incorporates secure data storage, a robust workflow for data VEE (validation, estimation, and editing) and sophisticated analytics.
  • Provides and an advanced library of interfaces to integrate with all utility systems including billing, customer service, outage management, load management, and distribution engineering.
  • Offers a comprehensive suite of interoperable, industry-standard integration adaptors, as well as standard and customizable file-based options.

Validation, Estimation, and Editing

Integral to the AclaraONE MDM is a powerful VEE engine that ensures utility business applications including billing determinant calculations, load research and forecasting, and distribution analysis employ complete, thorough, and accurate interval data. VEE allows you to:

  • Configure parameters and VEE rules specifically for each meter group or collection.
  • Associate meters with jurisdictions, meter types, meter functions, occupancy status, district conservation schedules, or customer types.
  • Define collections as specifically or as broadly as necessary to tailor the VEE parameters to specific meter segments.

Consumption-based Analytics

The AclaraONE MDM solution offers a core set of consumption-based advanced analytics beyond VEE. With analytics you can:

  • Proactively identify trends and anomalies in individual, group, and aggregated trends
  • View data at the granular (5-min, 15-min, 60-min, etc.) as well as aggregated (daily, weekly, monthly) levels.
  • Identify zones, groups, and individual customers with consumption issues and act to address potential leaks, theft, and unbilled consumption.
  • Pinpoint irregular consumption patterns and events proactively.
  • Provide advanced data visualization through charting, dashboard panels, and drill-downs for aggregated, historical, and trend views of individual meters, customers, and rules-based groups.

Actionable Intelligence and Notifications

Use the power of configurable thresholds, prioritization-levels, and rules-based groupings to generate alerts and events.

  • Identify consumption issues including leaks, excess consumption, and irregular consumption patterns – relative to seasonal, historical, or peer-based comparisons.
  • Generate notifications and actions for employees through the AclaraONE dashboard, email, SMS text, and work-order management interfaces.