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The Aclara Adaptive Consumer Engagement (ACE®) platform offers utilities data-driven tools that will propel your consumer engagement programs for success. It provides your customers with an omni-channel experience with personalized and actionable solutions that heighten energy-cost awareness, promote energy and water efficiency, boost utility program enrollment, and increase customer satisfaction scores. Ultimately, Aclara ACE positions you to exceed program goals, meet customer needs and maximize program impact.

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Aclara ACE is adaptable and flexible enough to mold solutions to meet your utility’s needs, whether you want to deploy a behavioral program, showcase AMI data, redefine your customer’s digital experience, inform users with advanced load-disaggregation models, or leverage alerts to keep customers engaged.

Online Engagement

Engage your customers online, on their tablets, or through their mobile device with our full suite of Aclara ACE features, thanks to our modern, responsive web design. Provide your customers with 24×7 access to billing, consumption, and conservation tools to drive customer self-service through our My Bills, My Usage, and My Savings modules.

Alerts and notifications

Driving persistent consumer engagement is a challenge for many utilities, leading to lower customer satisfaction scores and lower program adoption rates. A great way to bring customers back to your suite of tools for continual engagement is through informative, personalized e-mail and text message notifications. Aclara ACE has a suite of informative notifications that are designed to keep your customers informed about consumption and costs, along with other relevant touchpoints such as leak detection notifications. By providing customers with this additional touchpoint, utilities are able to keep in touch with their customers, and maintaining relevance with their customer base.

  • Meet customers where they are, through SMS and e-mail notifications.
  • Maintain relationships by bringing information to customers, rather than relying on them to come to you.
  • Provide customers with time-sensitive and valuable insightful information, such as leak detection notifications or consumption-threshold alerts.
  • Keep your customers informed of their costs through our bill-to-date and monthly bill-projection notifications.
  • Increase visibility of other utility-sponsored programs through cross-promotion.
  • Bolster adoption of online tools by your customers through Aclara ACE notifications.

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Behavioral Efficiency Programs

Grounded in the latest social science theories and leveraging data-science disaggregation algorithms, Aclara’s next generation energy efficiency and behavioral programs provide your utility with reliable solutions that produce measurable results, so you can achieve your program’s goals. Through our work with Ecotagious, a data-science focused software firm that leverages the power of disaggregation to enhance the relationship between utilities and their customers, our behavioral programs have delivered industry-leading, consistent results when independently evaluated and compared against the competition.

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Whether you’re seeking a provider that increases adoption of other utility programs, drives demand-side management (DSM) efforts, or promotes conservation, our programs enable our utility partners to meet and exceed utility conservation goals.

  • Proven results that independently confirm our approach to program design is next generational.
  • Realize the benefit of a reliable solution provider without investing substantial internal resources with our turkey approach.
  • Drive behavior change and provide a new key touchpoint to cross-promote other utility programs.
  • Offer your customers personalized touchpoints and insights specific to them.
  • Measurable and consistent results evaluated by third-party evaluation firms.
  • Deliver the same information that is available online, providing cross-channel consistency in messaging.

Create a personal and empowering experience for your customers so they can understand and take ownership of their energy and water costs with Aclara ACE®. Equip your customers with the personalized and actionable tools that will heighten their energy cost awareness, promote energy and water efficiency, boost utility program enrollment, and increase your customer satisfaction scores.

With Aclara ACE:

  • Surface and promote the program details of your choice, right where your customer needs them with Aclara ACE’s insight API design.
  • Bring a cohesive user experience with our mobile-first responsive interface for your consumer engagement offerings to render across all devices.
  • Reduce the amount of effort your customer spend in finding and understanding their bill. Allow them to control their utility costs and subsequently reduce the need to call utility representatives. The Aclara ACE insights engine provides each user with data-driven, personal cost-saving recommendations that are prominently displayed for the users to take quick notice.
  • Deliver the right message at the right time, and through the customer’s preferred communications channel. Insightful analytics are pushed to a customer through email or mobile alerts messaging and thus driving engagement.
  • Choose to engage your customers through Aclara ACE’s integrated online experience or through paper behavioral programs. Our multi-channel outreach technology creates meaningful customer engagement campaigns with personalized analytics.
  • Answer customer questions effectively by giving customer service representatives access to the same information your customers see.

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