How To Select the Right Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Technology

Early Leak Detection Made Simple with Underground Acoustic Leak-Detection Sensors

Certification to Three ISO Standards Represents Another Milestone for Aclara

Live from AWWA: Latest Leak-Detection Trends

At AWWA ACE18, Dave Rubin, director of product management, and Josh Chaise, vice president of product management for water and gas, sat down with Alanna Maya from WaterWorld Magazine to talk about issues related to non-revenue water as well as ways, including using acoustic leak detection, to manage and repair leaks. What follows are highlights … Continued

6 AMI Benefits Beyond Billing for Gas Utilities

By Michael McMahon – Gas Product Manager, Aclara  You may have already implemented your advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) network, or you may be considering one. You know AMI can get meter reads on a consistent basis, making your billing more effective. Your customer service department will see fewer calls due to improved bill accuracy and … Continued

+5 Takeaways from AclaraConnect 2018

  Our bags are unpacked and emails cleared and we have time to reflect on what we learned from #AclaraConnect 2018. This year we brought together a stellar group of experts and speakers who inspired our attendees to step outside of their comfort zones, build upon what came before, play off each other’s strengths, and … Continued

Four Factors Driving Modern Load Control Programs

Direct load control programs, which involve remotely switching consumer loads on and off, are a key component of most utilities’ demand response strategies. By employing these programs, utility companies can reduce peak-period loads to ensure grid reliability. What’s more, utilities are also using load control programs to limit their wholesale power costs. By controlling the … Continued

Don’t Miss These Sessions at #AclaraConnect 2018

The #AclaraConnect conference is where leaders, innovators, and people who make things happen gather to share secrets to success and learn about the latest in the electric, water, and gas utility industries. At AclaraConnect you will learn and network with the best and brightest in the electric, gas, and water utility industry. The people you … Continued

The 6 Top Reasons to Attend #AclaraConnect 2018

Need to catch up on the industry? That’s why you need to attend Aclara Connect 2018 (#AclaraConnect) at the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina May 14-17. Structured around the theme Come Together. Connect for a Better Future, this year’s conference will provide insights and inspiration from industry visionaries and experts as well as meaningful discussion … Continued

The Future of Energy Policy and Utility Infrastructure: Part 3

Recent administrations from both parties have wielded the power of executive orders to set priorities and advance their policies – with both energy and environmental initiatives always top priorities. For example, government policies hand executive branch decisions have played a major role in the debate surrounding the role of fossil fuels versus renewables. Where’s the line between … Continued