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Metrum Cellular®

Metrum Cellular for High Bandwidth Communications

Aclara’s Metrum Cellular technology brings high bandwidth, low-latency, IP-based cellular communications to utility end points including AMI meters and other devices on the distribution network. The Aclara Metrum Cellular wireless network can be easily scaled and rapidly deployed, without additional and costly infrastructure, communicating via the country’s leading commercial cellular networks, including those from Verizon and AT&T.

Engineered to handle large amounts of data in real time, Aclara Metrum Cellular provides a strategic overlay for existing AMI or standalone applications, creating a new level of control and system performance. An open IP-standard means no proprietary protocol is required to communicate with Aclara endpoints, eliminating the risk of stranded equipment investments and ensuring compliance with future standards.

One Stop for Cellular AMI

icon_verizon_wireless1Aclara participates in the Verizon Partner Program, which guarantees single point of contact for services and support, and communicates on a secure VPN over Verizon’s public network. Click here for more information.