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TWACS® Technology – Communications for AMI, Networking and Distribution Management

With an industry-leading 99 percent read rate, Aclara’s Two-Way Automatic Communications System (TWACS) is the industry’s proven power-line communications technology for networking millions of AMI end-points at over 300 utilities. This technology offers utilities powerful tools for billing and customer engagement, load control, new demand response applications, and overall power line condition and outages detection.

eTWACS® – Parallel Communications for Improved Performance
Today, Aclara power-line customers benefit from even better performance with Aclara’s next generation enhanced Two-Way Automatic Communications System (eTWACS), which enables utilities to read every single meter on your network in the same time it used to take the read a single feeder.

We do all this with new addressing modes and equipment in the substation that allows simultaneous communications on all phases, feeders and buses in parallel. We also increase the capacity of an AMI system by employing improved transponders in the meter.

The eTWACS technology is compatible with current TWACS systems, eliminating stranded assets and providing a manageable migration path. What’s more, you can effectively manage multiple utility systems, including AMI, through our iiDEAS® (Intelligent Infrastructure: Data, Efficiency, Analytics and Services) business platform, managing key operations data and presenting it through a web browser or mobile device.

Aclara Power Line Communications Networks Drive Utility Strategies

The power of Aclara’s TWACS and eTWACS technologies is that they work on existing data transmission infrastructure, allowing you to manage your data-collection process, control critical interval data, and support demand response and other utility requirements.

A fully scalable network that provides the data needed by utilities to meet technical and customer-service expectations. The system offers:

  • Support for demand response including critical peak pricing and time-of-use
  • Data collection at 15-minute intervals
  • Load control data for load forecasting and pricing
  • Load profiling to allow retrievable billing
  • Two-way data transfer for recording peak demand and remote reset
  • Immediate integration of consumption data into your billing system.
  • Connect/disconnect service
  • 100% service territory coverage