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IEC Smart Meters

Residential Smart Meters

SGM3000 Series
The SGM3000 series of single phase and polyphase IEC Smart Energy Meters provides reliable and robust metering solutions for utilities and their customers for residential and commercial applications. Available in single phase and three phase models, the SGM3000 series offers advanced, comprehensive, and flexible technologies to cover applications ranging from basic, energy-only metering to smart metering with advanced communications and demand management. Learn More.

SGM1300 Dual Element Smart Energy Meter
Aclara Meters’ SGM1300 is an advanced, modular, single phase and dual element smart meter suitable for both residential and small commercial environments. With advanced communications, the SGM1300 offers two way communications between the meter and the utility’s nominated Head End System and includes support for a ZigBee Home Area Network enabling communications with devices such as gas meters and consumer In Home Displays for real time energy monitoring. Learn More.

SGM1100 Smart Energy Meter
SGM1100 Series are single phase smart energy meters compliant with IEC regulatory standards. Delivering high quality, functionality, and application flexibility, this series also provides PLC AMI communications based on PoweRline Intelligent Metering Evolution (PRIME) standard and DLMS/COSEM protocols. Learn More.

Commercial Smart Meters

SGM3000 Series
The SGM3000 series of commercial and industrial meters moves beyond revenue metering to real-time instrumentation, true power quality monitoring and real cost of service measurements. From simple energy rating to quality of service and load analysis, the SGM3000 series can be configured to meet all your high precision smart metering needs. Learn More.