Smart Infrastructure

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Smart Meters


ANSI® Smart Meters

With our I-210™ family of residential, single phase meters and our kV2c™ family of C&I polyphase meters, Aclara Meters provides a product suite that provides complete smart metering solutions.
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IEC® Smart Meters


The SGM1100™ and SGM3000™ families of IEC Smart Meters represent the expansion of the Aclara Meters solid-state electronic meter technology into a product line that is compliant to IEC standards. Aclara Meters offers high quality residential single phase and polyphase smart meter configuration. Both meter families share commonalities based on Aclara Meters’ basic quality principles such as robustness, reliability durability and security, but they differ in the number of additional advanced metering features.
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MeterMate™ Software


The task of generating a program for electronic meters can be a complicated one. Aclara Meters’ MeterMate™ program creation software is easy to use and makes the job of creating and maintaining programs for electronic meters simple.
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