Electric Utility Solutions

From data to action with Aclara’s Smart Infrastructure Solutions (SIS) for electric utilities.

Redefine the Reliability of Your Grid Infrastructure

The largest interconnected machine in America, our electric power grid, is undergoing the largest transformation in its history. The Department of Energy’s Electricity Advisory Committee predicts the existing grid is nearing the end of its useful life. Stressed by increased demand coupled with the need to accommodate new energy sources – from smaller, gas-fired plants to renewable resources like solar and wind power. All at a time when consumers demand faster responses to outages and more control over usage.

The bottom line is that the electricity grid is more complex today than ever, and utilities are seeking new solutions to increase visibility into their distribution networks. Utilities want to better manage their assets, the fluctuations in voltage, current and loads resulting from increased demands and the integration of distributed resources on their aging system. Solutions that combine the latest technologies – from initial plan through implementation – offer new visibility and control to monitor millions of distribution lines connecting homes and businesses while reducing costs, improving reliability and actively engaging with customers.


Smart infrastructure solutions from Aclara enables electric utilities to collect and harness the power of smart meters, edge devices and data to meet today’s challenges:


  • Distributed generation – Integrate electricity generated by windmills, solar arrays, independent power facilities and microgrids.
  • Load control and demand response – Control load fluctuations from increased demand, aging infrastructure, renewables and distributed generation.
  • Conservation Voltage Reduction – Manage voltage levels on feeders to reduce loads and conserve energy.
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Employ a full suite of software, data management, and workflow planning tools for AMI deployments with Aclara’s ProField suite of integrated EPR tools for Smart Grid planning, meter deployment management, and post-rollout operations.


Control load, curb demand and safeguard against under-voltage and under-frequency conditions utilizing the Demand Response Unit (DRU).  The Aclara DRU reduces peak power costs without impacting customer service.  Utilities can also automate grid reliability and efficiency using Aclara’s Distribution Switching Transponder (DST) to remotely manage capacitors and other relay-switched distribution automation devices.


Prevent hazardous sewer flooding with Aclara’s sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) water height sensor. Respond to imminent problems such as clogged sewers or rising storm “surcharge” levels to head off the cost and liability of released contaminated water.


Avoid costly catastrophic pipe failures and reclaim lost water revenue with Aclara’s STAR® ZoneScan Distribution Leak Detection sensor. Remotely monitor and manage leaks to reduce service interruptions.


Gain real-time visibility across your electricity distribution network with Aclara’s Grid Monitoring Platform to actively monitor load and power quality, and rapidly respond to faults across the system – reducing outages and tackling challenging power quality and distribution issues.


A versatile electric meter for energy-only advanced smart meter solutions, Aclara’s line of smart residential meters comply with ANSI C12.1, ANSI C12.18, ANSI C12.19, ANSI C12.10, ANSI C12.20, and ANSI C37.90.1 standards. Aclara’s I-210 meters combine smart grid functionality with precision measurement, broad communications options, load management support and advanced billing and CRM capability.


Reach a new level of highly accurate revenue metering, advanced real-time instrumentation and true power quality for your commercial and industrial customers. Aclara’s kV2c electric meters comply with ANSI C12.1, ANSI C12.18, ANSI C12.19, ANSI C12.10, ANSI C12.20, and ANSI C37.90.1 standards.


The SGM series delivers a comprehensive line of smart meters that are designed to comply with IEC standards. The Aclara SGM series links both usage and power quality data with advanced smart grid functionality such as demand response, time-of-use billing and remote management.


Bring the power of new smart grid applications to your commercial customers with Aclara’s complete smart meter platform for advanced demand response programs, power quality measurements, and data collection and monitoring needs.


Harness Aclara ACE® (Adaptive Consumer Engagement) integrated software platform across all your customer engagement campaigns and applications – from energy awareness and conservation programs to service enrollment and real-time text/IVR based proactive outreach and powerful CSR applications.


Unlock, analyze and apply critical metering data with Aclara’s iiDEAS® software platform with a single, customizable interface for utility personnel. Manage your distribution infrastructure, integrate key business processes, optimize operations and improve reliability.


With Aclara’s MeterMate™ software utilities gain a new level of insight and control over their electricity distribution network. Configure and manage the smart capabilities of your advanced metering infrastructure with from creating a basic demand program to setting up the meter display and configuring the meter’s I/O and alerts.


Gain a new level and control over meter assets and device management, with Aclara’s AMI Device Management (ADM) software solution to track asset inventory, manage in-the-shop and in-the-field testing, and document inspections and service.


Turn real-time outage alerts and precise GIS visibility into quick system recovery and improved customer service with Aclara’s Fault Detection and Localization Value Added Module (VAM).


Boost both the speed and capacity of your communications network with Aclara’s Metrum Cellular® for enhanced smart grid applications including AMI, outage and restoration management, and conservation voltage reduction.


Communicate with meters and endpoints anywhere your power distribution lines reach using TWACS, Aclara’s best-in-class Power Line Communication (PLC) platform. Take advantage of TWACS’ high throughput, exceptional reliability and vast coverage capabilities to automatically read daily and interval meter data, monitor power line conditions, detect outages and track restoration or deploy demand response solutions. TWACS is ideally suited for networks and feeders with high, geographically dispersed assets.


The Synergize RF Communications Network provides gas, electric and water utilities with a communications network with optimum performance and reliable and two-way communications. The network employs licensed 450-470-MHz radio frequencies for all inbound and outbound communications between data collectors and endpoints.

The communications network integrates with many types of gas, electric and water meters, often allowing customers to use existing meter infrastructure and permits for upgrades to new meters with full compatibility.


Connect with endpoints on your electric, gas or water distribution system with the enhanced speed, reach and reliability of Aclara’s Synergize® RF communications point-to-multipoint network


Aclara links insightful consumer market research with proven social science theories to customize meaningful behavioral efficiency programs that drives customer consumption awareness and conservation.


Empower your customers to build their own self-service experience with Aclara’s customer self-service applications – from billing and rate comparisons to usage awareness and conservation campaigns.


Match consumer expectations and requirements with actionable demand response campaigns with Aclara’s Adaptive Consumer Engagement (ACE®) platform.