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Smart Infrastructure

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Smart Infrastructure Solutions (SIS)

Insight and Action Across Utility Distribution Networks

With Smart Infrastructure Solutions (SIS), Aclara offers a new level of customer delivery and service that creates opportunities – and advantages – to predict, plan, and respond to conditions across your electric, gas or water distribution network.

SIS magnifies the benefits of networks that now perform automated metering reading by incorporating a range of sensors, communications, and analytic technologies that let utilities monitor their distribution networks, optimize operations, respond to issues quickly, and preempt problems.

SIS empowers electric, water, and gas utilities to understand and respond to the full scope of conditions affecting their distribution systems with better planning and resource allocation. When fully deployed, SIS allows utilities to better manage resources during peak loads, and pinpoint issues before they become costly, react-and-fix problems. It enables them to locate heavy consumption or unreported usage, and to stem resource losses and reclaim revenue. The versatility of SIS increases the usefulness of AMI networks, allowing utilities to get more from current assets and to plan new deployments with greater effectiveness.