Transform your water distribution data into powerful water loss, conservation and customer service programs with  Aclara’s suite of software and analysis tools Water Analytic tools delivered by Valor. Partnering with Valor Water Analytics, Aclara offers water utilities new visibility into their distribution, meter and billing applications with a host of water rate simulation, revenue reclamation analysis and conservation management systems.

  • Valor’s Water Analytics Water Rate Simulators™ leverage big data to build simulators for individualized customer rate structures, such as budget-based rates, for levels of financial clarity.
  • Hidden Revenue Locator provides a comprehensive solution to identify hidden revenues – from broken meters, billing irregularities, leaks, theft and more.
  • Address chronic water shortages with Aclara’s Conservation Management Solution, a cloud-based business intelligence and communication service with analytics for estimating and tracking the impact of targeted conservation programs.
  • Valor Water Analytics Cutoff Analyzer boosts customer payment performance, improves customer interactions and provides a clear view of payment trends and cycles.

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