The STAR® Network Control Computing (NCC) is the head-end software at the core of Aclara STAR network’s communications system which efficiently, reliably and securely receives, stores, and processes the network’s meter reads and device messaging.

The STAR Network system is an advanced, robust, meter-reading system for gas and water utilities. It delivers comprehensive meter data through a secure, long-range wireless network using licensed radio frequencies.



Timely, high-resolution meter reading that empowers utilities to:

  • Secure accurate meter-to-cash transactions
  • Eliminate on-site visits and estimated reads
  • Reduce theft and loss, identify and correct infrastructure problems
  • Obtain costs saving from all of the financial and operational benefits of a fixed-network AMI

Centralized enabler of the network’s benefits, delivering reliability, security, and critical operational data with the following software system attributes:

  • Advanced and fully supported Microsoft platform, with built-in security and performance features: SQL Server 2012, Windows Server 2012, Message Bus.
  • Upgraded Aclara NCC Polaris message processing engine, supporting 2-way communications, wirelessly and on-demand, to obtain current reads, update network configurations over-the-air, and manage firmware upgrades.
  • Installed at utility’s site, or fully hosted at Aclara’s state-of-the-art Tier 3, high-availability data center, with full off-server snapshot back-ups and options for geographically-distributed failover and disaster recovery.
  • AES 128 encryption / decryption for processing inbound messages from its metered endpoints.
  • Read rate of 98.5% or better.
  • Configurable call/transmission frequency: standard is 4X transmission per day for hourly reads at15-min, 30-min or 60-min intervals.
  • Two-way functionality: collect on-demand reads, issue network commands, download firmware.
  • The STAR® Network DCU can be configured to use nearly any type of IP-based network or backhaul including cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and fiber optic.
  • Full end-to-end system logging, auditing and security provisions to control software access and protect data integrity.

Manages network communications with performance, security, and cost-effectiveness for small through large operations, scaling from 1,000 end-points to millions.