Aclara’s iiDEAS® platform for utilities offers a single, customizable interface for personnel to access the critical data they need to better manage their distribution infrastructure, optimize operations and improve service reliability.

  • Aclara iiDEAS unifies advance metering infrastructure (AMI) data collected from electric, water and gas distribution systems including Aclara’s TWACS®, Synergize® Star RF Network and Metrum Cellular® plus third-party AMR/AMI systems.
  • The iiDEAS platform integrates information from various data sources into a single repository, and incorporates information from other data sources such as SCADA, G&T data, weather feeds, outage management, multiple AMI networks and consumer information systems.
  • iiDEAS uses standards interfaces, such as TCP/IP, MultiSpeak® and CIM to interoperate with existing CIS, GIS, OMS and SCADA applications.
  • The enriched meter and other device data collected is available to a range of critical applications including: loss analysis, data reporting, transformer analysis, voltage analysis, fault detection and localization, power billing, meter exchange and consumer engagement.