Turn endpoint and distribution network data into real-time response, meaningful consumer engagement and smart strategic planning.

Utility distribution data is just bits and bytes without the software and analysis tools to monitor, collect, alert, respond, engage or plan. Aclara’s comprehensive suite of integrated software tools help utilities make sense of their data – from meters and usage, to line and network conditions, to smartly deploying and tracking assets and resources. Our tools provide end-to-end value across the distribution chain from installation to maintenances, to monitoring distribution assets and performance, to tailoring meaningful customer engagement programs.

smart city and wireless communication network

Aclara sensors and analytics let you monitor your water and gas distribution networks, improve your daily operations, and provide your customers with relevant, actionable information about their usage. Providing real-time insights into your resource distribution networks, our sensors and analytics alert you to events that affect your operations and allow you to respond quickly to potential problems before they turn into expensive failures.


Harness Aclara ACE® (Adaptive Consumer Engagement) integrated software platform across all your customer engagement campaigns and applications – from energy awareness and conservation programs to service enrollment and real-time text/IVR based proactive outreach and powerful CSR applications.


Unlock, analyze and apply critical metering data with Aclara’s iiDEAS® software platform with a single, customizable interface for utility personnel. Manage your distribution infrastructure, integrate key business processes, optimize operations and improve reliability.


With Aclara’s MeterMate™ software utilities gain a new level of insight and control over their electricity distribution network. Configure and manage the smart capabilities of your advanced metering infrastructure with from creating a basic demand program to setting up the meter display and configuring the meter’s I/O and alerts.


Gain a new level and control over meter assets and device management, with Aclara’s AMI Device Management (ADM) software solution to track asset inventory, manage in-the-shop and in-the-field testing, and document inspections and service.


Reliably collect, store and analyze vital meter data across from your network with Aclara’s STAR® NCC head-end software.


Take control of your lost-water revenue and conservation management programs with Aclara’s suite of Water Analytic tools delivered by Valor. Harness water distribution, metering, usage and billing data for new insight into customer service, rate simulation and conservations programs.


Turn real-time outage alerts and precise GIS visibility into quick system recovery and improved customer service with Aclara’s Fault Detection and Localization Value Added Module (VAM).


Employ a full suite of software, data management, and workflow planning tools for AMI deployments with Aclara’s ProField suite of integrated EPR tools for Smart Grid planning, meter deployment management, and post-rollout operations.


Gain real-time visibility across your electricity distribution network with Aclara’s Grid Monitoring Platform to actively monitor load and power quality, and rapidly respond to faults across the system – reducing outages and tackling challenging power quality and distribution issues.